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[Entrance Practice] Reincarnation [W.I.P]

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 [Entrance Practice] Reincarnation [W.I.P] Tumblr_mvfp92aeMA1r6gnqvo1_500 

Snow slowly fell from the denim, shaded sky while streams of whistling wind that reached 6 km/h brushed against it. The snow was conveyed to an abandoned shrine, at first glance it seemed haunted because the shrine's ambiance   projected deep-seated waves of odious energy. It would prove difficult for man, and animal to see the cemented ground because it was shrouded with three inches of snow; only warriors who possessed valor and advanced prowess could do battle in the harsh conditions. No matter how tough one was, he or she would feel the cruel air gnawing their skin with every step. An enigmatic entity silently stood under the luminous, full moon, and between the shrine's creaking wooden gates in the forty degree weather stood an inconnu presence. His right hand, covered in battle scars was firmly wrapped on the crimson tsuka of his sword, the thirty-five point seventy-nine inch steel blade with a width of four was dazzling, it reflected the moon's resplendent aura. Even though the sword was physically captivating, its atmosphere was off. It was as if it had a personality of its own.

The name of  his Japanese blade was an Odachi, for the sword's alias, the employer of the tool called it Fusenaga Hayameshi 伏長 早飯 (Length Eater). The man slaughtering sword was widely known and feared through Soul Japan, the peerless weapon was utilized for close to mid-range sword play, but typically this was meant for mid-range combat; only supreme swordsmen, hand picked by god could precisely use Fusenaga Hayameshi to its full potential. The sword was designed for two things, massacre and strategy, it was the wielders duty to answer their weapon's commands, and at the command of Fusenaga, one was meant to keep an opponent at a reasonable length. Entering the blade's range was like being absorbed and ripped apart by a horrific hurricane. Not only did the sword ravage a human's body, it also devastated an incapable opponent's rhythm to do combat, and once a warrior's rhythm was disconnected, it meant mental turmoil. Due too Fusenaga Hayameshi's demon-like presence, it sent men, women, and children in distress, the being that held the weapon had to be someone god found revolting at birth.

His name was Shichi Kadouzeki, a man the world labeled accursed, he was a master of  the Hosaki Taishite Tenshu style, it was a style that snatched a man's inner beast, and threw it on the battle field to decimate opposing warriors. Shichi Kadouzeki was the inventor of the savage fighting system, it took the opponent's strengths and turned it against them, making fearsome enemies look like children. Shichi was usually a calm man on the outside, but there was a specific technique he created that demolished the morale of a warrior, this blood-curdling technique was named Yokishima  Taishi (Evil Will).  This battle form was only used when Shichi was excited, along with his adrenaline pumping, he could effectively remain on a overwhelming offense and leave the enemy feeling chaotic. A muffled laugh escaped his mouth, but it soon came to an end as he stared off into the distance, Shichi's irises had a pecan tone.

Besides that tone, there was something special about his pupils, they weren't black. His pupils took the same shade as his irises, but despite his creepy genetics, Shichi had healthy eyes. Only in a physical sense they were in great shape, but with a magnified look into his eyes, one could see how lukewarm they were; the vast gamut of men he slayed were far too many to count. Besides the coldness of his eyes, they carried many techniques for battle. Shichi Kadouzeki did not only fixate himself toward physical combat, he was sharp in another areas for being quiet as mouse, this thirty-five year old landloper could dissect opponent's like words in a book. The majority of acts they attempted to perform, he could already see and apply strategy without thought or hesitation, because his muscles were use to such a harsh life-style. 

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