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Seed Boy, Battle, Ignite!

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Aegu (Lit Meaning; "Breathe Hard") is a location outside of Kamigami, Aegu is a large stadium surrounded by a vast forest. Several meters from the stadium is a pyramid, the pyramid is made up of glass and wood and coated in vines. Roaming the land are large wild beast.

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Seed Boy, Battle, Ignite! Latest?cb=20130317220341
The sunlight came down like a heat scorching the landmass. The heat was annoyance, in such referring to the man who was trudging cross the landmass; sweat, sweet sweat condensing on the forehead. The massing and sinking of his foot came down into the soil, however it wasn't soil, instead it was poop. The man's visual orbs scale down, a wave of anger washed over him in mere seconds. The sight of the greenish, black lumps in the poop was unbarring. Lids of the visual orbs closed while a light breeze whipped passed his figurine, blackish locks flowed carelessly. From a bird eye's view one could see a man with a fist raised towards the heavens while he screamed in till voice turned horsed. Several minutes went bypassed since the act of evil upon his foot, now traveling from tree to tree at an moderate movement.

In a rush his vessel came into a clearing, leaping from a tree branch, making impact with the soil less than two point zero seconds. Bracing himself in slide position. This man, skin sparkled in the sunlight - his eyes sparked like a ocean bathing in the sun. Black locks flowed down passed his shoulders, this man wore a black T-shirt that read "Oppai" down below his pants where skin tight with white sneaker shoes. Upon his waist was a weird, yet unique fashionable belt that held a wooden like sword behind his back. His hand rose to the left side of his face, a brush came pressing the locks in his face behind the earlobe.

His mouth opened while the lungs began to vibrate rapidly. "This Stadium reminds me of an old cartoon, who the fuck is seed boy?" While his voice echoed through the forest clearing.

Speaking life and creativity into life, his hand reached in the depths of his pocket and pulled two earbuds out into the warm air - plugging them into both of his ears. A brief soft touch of the pants leg turned his ipod on and the music started playing loudly in his ears. At least three feet from the stadium, someone could easily sneak up on this man was unwise or unclear. This man was known for his sensory skills, he was known as Magi. A parasite to the world.

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The Adventures of Seed Boy!
Seed Boy, Battle, Ignite! Dttuyo10

Temperatures were sixty-five degrees in Ibuki Tenshi's province at the time of one o'clock PM, it was a marvelous time to be out and about. The fabulous weather was accompanied by the ablaze, teal shaded sky; Ibuki Tenshi's climate was so tranquil that the wind, reaching 10 km/h began to whistle. Serene streams of wind slowly carried the alabaster, puffy clouds through the sky with ease, while being at sea level the clouds looked like torn cotton balls desperately trying to reassemble themselves. A mass of leaves that hung on the forest trees rustled one another making the cluster of noises startle the doves sitting in them; this forced the doves to take ear-deafening flight that would last ten minutes [5 posts]. "Ah, what a magnificent day", the twenty-one year old said to himself with a charming smirk on his face. "My only wish is that Magi doesn't friggin' mess it up", Tegaru shouted, and even with his thunderous yelling he couldn't hear himself despite how close his ears were. The accomplished assassin quiescently stood in the heart of the forest, he was located to the left of Aegu's stadium near the river, that had a 10 foot width. He was like a nail pinned to the wall, anyone, or anything could tell he was waiting for someone.

Seed Boy, Battle, Ignite! VHZKspX

Standing at 5'7, Tegaru weighed 158lbs;  he was a short man who lacked a great deal of  somatic strength because it only reached peak human levels. To counter his short-coming, he had a startling ability labelled as Seismic energy. His god-given talent made up for his lack of strength. The energy could only be manipulated in two ways, the mainstream use  was concentrating it to both hands, while the sub-technique was manipulating it around his entire body as a shield. His ability was riveting, Tegaru had the spiritual muscle to disrupt a gamut of opposing powers by forcing his own through the inner-workings of theirs. His raven toned hair was short, and shaggy, it even hung before his flint colorized irises that encircled his ivory pupils; Tegaru's optics possessed an ability of their own. This technique was called Zenkei - ぜんけい (Panoramic), the skill granted him the perk of having a wide field of vision, not only that, but he could comprehend super-natural speeds in time-frames that were slower than a natural humans.  He always kept his eyes covered due to the fact he was insecure about them, being a child he was branded with the repugnant name of the devil, so in order to weaken his eye prowess he kept his bangs in front of his vision. Based on Tegaru's internal conflict, it set him at an immense handicap, so this is what many thought. With the greatness of his seismic power, he could use seismic sense, this ability allowed him to pick up the slightest vibrations occurring from the ground, and on it. He could also detect anything as long as he was on a solid surface with seismic sense. In fact he earned an alias that sent a spine-bending sensation to those that heard of his name, it was God's Accomplice. Besides his opponent's not being able to see his eyes, they could see the lower section of his face, which was his nose, mouth and unwell kept facial hair.

Tegaru's tan skin wasn't smooth either, it was rugged due to his line of work over the years. With his experience came refined skills, and weapon knowledge. He wore a scruffy poncho that had a tawny hue, towards the lower piece of the poncho, one could easily notice it's flamboyant, graphic design. There were seven arrow shaped designs that could also be called stripes; each strip corresponded with the other, except the middle since it didn't have a match. The first comparable stripe was a seafoam coloration, while the second was black, the center of the collection of stripes was white and sable. At the peak of the brown ponch was his black scarf that had a blend of a dark grey that faded into a lighter tone of it. Both of Tegaru's arms were shielded from the view of enemies and commoners, this gave him vast room to make abrupt attacks during close range combat, in a way, he  felt he made it impossible to read his muscle movements, logically anyway. For an opponent to read his movement through normal means, they would need to have factual science in how they were deciphering his complex movements. The only thing prominent that came from his arm ligaments were his sturdy hands, each finger bared scars of different kinds, but around his hands were leather, black gloves. The top of the gloves were padded but that wasn't only to keep Tegaru's knuckles safe, inside that padded gloves, was a small machine that held ten rounds of four inch needles that were coated in poisonous liquid. With the poison being liquid, it would transfer into the enemy's blood stream instantly which would show quick results, the poison could mutate the adversary's cells and make them grow at a rapid pace.

Once the poison reaches a certain point, the enemy will begin to drastically slow down, and pass into death, but as they fight through the poison, their body's trigger points will all be affected. As this is felt - the enhancing pain will cause piercing sensations which will restrict many movements. [the opponent only has five posts to live if this needle should connect.] Besides the life-threatening affects of Tegaru's needles, he can shoot them at a speed of 768 miles per hour (1,126 ft per second), with this type of speed, and the how thin an average needle is - this type of attack is barely noticeable, meaning it was going to be tedious to respond to. If  the combatant didn't posses a certain skill tray, then they were going to be getting pierced by his needles, and since he had ten rounds for each knuckle, that meant there was a total of four needles that would project at once with his fierce rounds. Underneath Tegaru's poncho he wore a white muscle shirt, but over his muscle shirt was chestnut brown, leather armor, the armor expanded to 5 inches of cushioning, even if he was stabbed, he'd be able to survive it, and that was depending on how the armor was pierced. More importantly, he had a belt that was wrapped at his waist, the belt holstered eighty knives, forty knives were distributed evenly to his left and right pouches. Located towards the front of his belt were both of his combat trench knives, both of their handles were golden, but the special thing about them was that they could emit a blinding white light. This radiance was triggered from the pommel of the knives, and the light source was kept two inches inside the trench blades steel, that aura  projected from a small window that had a length of 6 inches while it's width was 4 inches. The blades length was 8 inches, and its width 7 inches. 

In order for the young assassin to negate his knive's ability, he wore stylish goggles, he kept them wrapped on light brown bucket hat he wore. Under Tegaru's belt were the  loops of his black shorts, on both sides of his shorts he had spacious pockets that could hold many things, but what he carried was destruction, in Tegaru's left pocket he housed five mini-bombs, and for the right pocket he had ten homing shuriken once the opponent was locked on too. The way this worked was from the user's desires. What made the shuriken so dangerous was that they could expand to a 2 meter radius after getting 7 feet close to an opponent, and for the shuriken to expand, all it took was a word. "expand". Besides what his pockets held, his shorts were large and loose, meaning they fitted well, and allowed him incredible maneuverability during combat. It gave the assassin access to maximize his agility and reflexes to their full potential. The shorts were one inch above the bottom of his knee which made them more fantastic. Finally, Tegaru wore top of the class, military combat boots, they were tightly strapped so he wouldn't slip during the chase of the target he and Magi had to capture. The boots weren't only meant for this either, the master martial artist had foot techniques he developed for outlandish acceleration, and speed. The name of the skill was Wind God. This technique was implemented by the user directing chi to the ankles to support the practitioners balance.  Tegaru stood silently, arms folded while being patient for his late partner to arrive at the designated meeting spot.

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Aegu. The home of the vast forest that rest peacefully on the outskirt of Kamigami while honing it's reputation of strange hordes of creatures of numerous size and it's folk tales of moving tree's, random movement of land planes and never the less, it's center structure not far from the shore. It's unique dam that held a fresh ocean blue water was designed to seem more of a stadium that imitated an illusion of it's depths through a thick borosilicate glass. The four end corners trailing down to strengthen the image of what seemed to be an upside down pyramid. The Pyramid that rested to it's right, dark blue in color with a enormous operating station, trailing behind it with an opening gate hinge that curved to it's right entrance. To it's left was a small fragile river that led to the sea; some form of river system that suspiciously flowed from the sea, through the forest and up to the dam with no sign of mechanism to get the stream to follow up as it did.

On the top of the control arc, the enormous white building that over looked the Dam and the Aegu land was a humanoid figure that rested on it's front edge, eyeing blindly in front, towards the see. The shining sun striking at it's gaze as the water upon the dam gave more then one shade of the same color through the sun location, shadow position, and it's lighting. The winds being predictable, coming here and then with a small ushering breeze that moved the top few leaves of the highest tree's and dancing along the path below the forest, colliding in one another and creating humming sounds that decorated it's beauty. With a common inhale through the figures nostril in complete harmony of the scenery quickly disbanded by the sudden stop of the figures body at mid exhale. His eyes turned as if sensing something yet to vague to make up, a sudden sound that hushed the winds that danced below the forest trails, a sound that disturbed the peace with echoing vibe of confusion and followed by a question. The only word that was clearly made out was "Seed boy."

The figure came more clear, a male, covered from head to toe with a shadow glaze, hiding his face in the thick, heavy darkness while he accessorized in the style of dark high laced boots hidden by black semi-skinny jeans. A dust coat that hid his neck to his chin with a alluring face mask that hid to his nose with the artistic skull of some demon-like jawline of a monster yet his eyes unseen by the darkness that soon followed up towards the rest of his face. With a roar that came from the distance yet seeming to be silent due to distance and height the figure rested upon, the male shifted ever so lightly towards it with out seeming to move an inch, yet something demonic overthrew his mysterious image. His eyes finally came to play, Jaded green cat-split irises glowing ferociously in the depths of his darkened face with a dark garnet outer layer in rings of six that seemed to lure whom ever who saw to draw near him through influence of fear and or abnormal creation of amazement. A slow inhale was made before an exhaled of a light mist, as if he was winter cold in this heat stroke of a weather that he sun bathed in.

The male who was given the title "Seed Boy" due to his late action of planting seeds upon people and watching them root out, discombobulating there body limbs to shreds or firing hot Aizen (A creation of his own using nature source energy and mutation mixture to create overly heated seed that would explode on impact, some formed with poisonous gas) was deemed as a terrorist. His name barely known but with that trending ironic name he came to accept. Saint. Azreal. The name given to him from his late father figure of a priest that took him under his care and soon killed from robbery at gun point. Azreal feelings for people are misunderstood. He only know the priest but not even his name. He saw it as a sign of dis bond, his image and talents he soon learned to be not of his birth right but by the choice he made by ingesting the Shizen (Nature) Wrath Candy he found near a beast nest, being oddly in shape and form with a cocoon shell, granting him the supernatural ability to control plants of any sorts and enhancing his body and mind in a new state.

Azreal slowly stood in silence, his eyes fixated at the location of the sound he had heard, unaware of the other. A large body sized vine made it's way up the wall, quickly creeping up behind him as if a snake and instantly releasing it's thin tip that open into four needle shaped claw, jutting deeply into his nerve stems behind his head. With a grunt that left as quick as it came, a pulse from his heart beat rushed down the vine in a white aura, making everything else dark while spreading as if a seismic wave that painted everything white as it made contact through the forest around him in a radius, enough to reach the sea ahead of him. He saw thermal images of every living creature, big or small that touched any form of plant life and pin pointed flies by using the forest surroundings to see in birds eye view before noticing another figure. the shadow disappeared from his face as he angled up, now showing the very visible thick veins drawing from his plan milk skin cheeks and splitting like roots under his eyes and forehead in screaming silence. All that came to mind was more travelers that came to pick and destroy the forest like those before them and or to chase the myth of his existence in annoyance in this daily routine in Aegu.

The vine released from his neck, drawing a bit blood yet the wound started to close up quickly and the blood vanished without a trace. It seemed his body was enhanced with his plant like DNA that made it possible for him to a living cure. Every plant poison known to earth, he was immune to or can create a cure within his body if given time. He was the doctor who knew no death. The most fatal or critical injury could cause him pain but he will heal fully within months. Loss of limbs or being torn only carried pain but still no death, he could simply reattach his self like a healing bark of a tree and toughen his skin later on like a cast. Azreal jumped from the building, his leg angled down, making it easy for him to slide on the smooth surface of a wall as if surfing it, his hands dangling from the momentum before drawing them near in a running stance as he started to sprint then kick jumping himself off the wall. The floor rumbled and rose as if a wave, landing gently on it and riding it towards the pyramid. The earth like wave grew higher with each gesture of sprinting movement he made and now surfing the growing wave of earth. Dust grew from the phenomenon as multiple figures appeared from the ground as if digging them self out.

Humanoid shaped figures that tried to seem humanoid as possible with their plant and earth construct. Few with larger limbs then the other, different size and shape, arriving by the dozen ran near, front, and on the earth bound wave that drew near the pyramid with Azreal, paying no mind to him. Another land shaking rumble came but this time with the sound of a robotic groan. A balled up fist appeared out of the wave, causing the humanoid figures to fall and clash to one another mindlessly then regrouping as a horde. The fist rose, Azreal jumped as it opened with cracking of sounds as the rock expanded and dirt fell from the side as if a small water fall, Azreal landed on it's palm, standing firm and eyeing the center of both location of where the two were and his entrance would be hard to miss after two abnormal earthquakes and a large figure pillar of a hand now appeared near the pyramid.

Azreal folded his arms, a small flat black satchel was dangling from his right waist with the strap around his left shoulder. His veins lowering down yet his eyes still seemed demonic. He stood as his eyes lowered down fighting back a gaze but it could be seen in his face expression. A blank cover expression behind a smile. The horde grew around him, large ones, small, ones, duplicates upon duplicates. They rushed in by the numbers as Azreal gaze focused away and back at the sea once more, ignoring the shriek of the Takusan-no (Many; hordes) he summoned while a enormous vine grew behind him, being larger the the hand. It had a pod on it's tip that opened into a fly catcher plant but larger in size, looking down in front and above Azreal with Sharpe needles at the ends of both sides of the open pods. He waited for them to be out number and obliterated like the rest before them, not wanting to waste time or take any risk.

Harmony. . .

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Seed Boy, Battle, Ignite! Madara-Fanart-madara-uchiha-35819635-500-667
Classic skies were destined to burn, this ill-faith meeting of three souls, one of three dwelling in this forest under the alias Seed boy. This name was heard cross the vast land, leading two foolish reckless boys to come in high hopes to finding this person. The sounds in the air came crossing his eardrums, the lobe of his ear fibrillating through the volume of sounds. More or less; the voice was vexatious to his soft sweet eardrums. His named could be heard traveling over the distance. Magi was a shorten version of his real name which was actually Magirawashii (Lit Meaning; "Misleading") the birth name his beloved mother bestowed upon him during a faith cry that turned into Magi's first prank - leading his mother to believe he was upset, when she came to see what was wrong he started laughing. Unraveling the voice that traveled into his eardrums wasn't necessary, the voice was all too familiar. One could only hope that this friend wasn't rash nor blunt on his attacks. Magi's mind had already conjured several unique attacks he wanted to deploy in the fight. While the wind came brushing passed his vessel the fabrics of his clothing begun to flutter in the wind; pressing the cloth like material to his toned vessel.

The male wore a weird but unique choice of clothing. From an A and B point view all one would see was the Aertex cloak like material shrouding his body. Hidden underneath was a light three inches thick armor composed of two strict kinds of metal that are known as Magnesium and Microlattice. First Magnesium is what most of the armor is made out but is laced with Microlattice which makes the armor extremely light that it has no restrictions on the body's movement. However being this light doesn't make it any less durable, in fact the armor can take immense level of blunt force (457mph hits) without breaking or leaving bruises on the body. Colorized to symbol a blood coating, his armor was douse in crimson colors. An moon shape symbol center of the chest plate. Under his armor was base cotton fabric which composed a blackish T-shirt and slacks for pants. Nether of his walking limbs, on the sole on his feet were carefully made for any terrain. Wet proof, heat proof, and even shock resistances. Traveling to his backside, one could see a thick multi-layer hood, which was designed for heat and cold conditions. A light base that could be brought over head to keep the body cool in shade or keep warm in freezing conditions. Strapped underneath around his waist was a belt which several cotton/wool pouches. Each pouch carrying various items and tools such as fresh made wooden balls each the size of a marble. Next would've been bombs filled with toxic smoke, shuirkens and kunais. Below the pouches was a thin laced rubber rope like line that connected to his the belt the pouches hung upon -attached to the line was a sword crafted from Gidgee a type of wood that is good for making wooden tools to last for while. Ten times harder then the average plank of wood.

One could not see his sword cause it laid vertical on his back. The length of his black locks flowed from the tip of his crown down his back filling his hood like a pool of hair. Several lose strands covered the right side of his face only showcasing one eye. His iris a faded white while the pupil was a dull crimson or red color.  A weak cripple smile laid upon his face, reaching cheek to cheek. His thin brow relaxed showed the male was in fact distress, or sadden. At last his eye dwell upon something on the pyramid his eyes watched as something appeared coming down with vast speed, next came the shock and rumble of the earth. Unknown to how exactly this came about but none of the less roots from bottom of the arm came wrapping around his walking limbs. Bracing him for the worst while he stood near the stadium. Even three wooden hands came up, holding him steady while his eye traced the origin of something that was in the far distance of his well-being. While the quake happened all Magi felt was a hard vibrant shake, like if someone was tossing his vessel from hand to hand. He wasn't amused by such rough play, in fact he hated this on a whole new level. Such hatred wanted to make him kill this origin fast and slow at the same time. Before first and second quake passed - In this short time frame his eardrums did rumble from a loud war cry, not to mention the strange texture in the heavens starting to take form. Taking a smart stand point something must arose from the earth which made the quakes happen. In the time frame Magi was being thrown like a rag doll in his own wooden creations, roots from the sole of his feet had already morphed underneath the rocky surface which called earth. Having no real clue of what was happening he conjured anothe wood hand to grasp the tree beside him, connecting root into the wood - which allowed him to connect with several other trees on a large landmass scale. Briefly closing his eyes, his visual traveled like an atom moving at high speed, grasping the entire landmass in a south-east direction, then splitting in south north direction.

Finally through random search his visual sensory located the plant like creatures that were closing in fast on his location. Magi even located his friend, he didn't bother warning him due to the sole reason he was already well prepared. Opening his eyes bestowing his visual onto the world God created for him to destroy. Breaking free from his protection. Stretching his arms and legs before creating the most violent rush of all time. Placing his left hand on his hip his eye dawn on the direction he needed to travel in mere seconds his vessel vanished at a speed-velocity so fast it was unseen or unheard of someone moving fast. As long as his roots where attached underneath the earth to each tree in his traveling direction, and increasing his speed wouldn't falter. This was a unique travel method known as Wood Creation Flicker By transporting his soul into the wooden roots, his vessel could literally move beyond the speed of light.

In mere words Magi was travel underground through the tree roots that inhabited the earth below. From one tree to another tree, his vessel moved unseen. Thinking back to the wooden hands Magi had made previously, hadn't worn off nor faded. Instead of returning to the roots underneath one of the four hands came up folding into a flicking like position with its fingers and flicked a speck of wood in the shape of size of a thin piece of wood into the air miles above. Upon the free-fall of the speck it would've morphed into a bird like creature with the life and soul of Magi. Flapping its wooden like wings the bird would started to soar in a circle like motion. Unclear of the actually location of the bird. On the other hand Magi came to a brief halt to relocate himself. A image of wood came morphing of a male figure came into the bark of a tree along with several other trees front of the horde. Grasping one another hands forming a line, closing the entire horde was simple. Strengthening the bark with his Nakami. Which allows one to create or manipulate. However in this case, Magi had developed a unique style of Nakami called Blunt force. Sorta like absorbing the shock...no more so of a shield withstanding impact and sending the shock wave back onto the opposer. With this being said the horde running into the trees at their current speed without stopping would impact with the tree line block and be forced back onto their backs - Thus this happening wooden spikes of roots would arise and strike them down one by one.

Like said before, Magi laid beneath the earthen in a root single out and cut off from the rest of the roots. He was formulating something, this assault would've been strict that it took time to measure out but. Just from seeing his opponent he could tell he used planet like prowess which would've been annoying in the long run, thus him conjuring this plan/attack. Meanwhile near his friend Tegaru who was near the river, a root swiftly erect from the mossy earth and took form of a small wooden head. Calling out to Tegaru.

"Yo brother, what took you so long. Oh! Can you throw this head into the sky above?" Magi asked speaking through the wooden head he conjured.

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