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1Abyss Empty Abyss on Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:02 am

Abyss Giphy

My wings have broken,and now all they do is soak
in pain from the rain of lies that everyone has
supplied in my life, it's burning me alive,
while trying to desperately revive
my heart, and passion like those who miss christ. 

I've always been alone, the coldest of the soldiers,
my heart is old and torn apart, desperately trying
to find a start, but this black abyss is stitched to my soul,
It's causing me to fold, my beliefs are now sold 
to those who never cared about my childish goals to see them grow.
innocence shattered by snakes I considered to be loyal

Now I wonder why heros survive, why do they continue
to stay alive, such things don't exist within
my pitch black abyss, my weakness is that I can't
see the filth on you that everyone else can.

Unfortunately what was once a blessing, is now my curse,
this curse only allowed me to see the light in things.
Desperately wanting to seek the good in everyone, but 
there was one person they forgot about.

It was me, my love, my passion, my honesty
was nothing but trash to you, my heart crumbles
to bits, it shatters to pieces like glass. Looking at such a mess
you don't bother to clean it up before it hurts others.

Slowly becoming what I never wanted too.
Instead of reincarnating into benevolence,
I fall into the cycle of carnage to harnest
my darkness, and yours, to become what I once feared,
King heartless.

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