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Character Personality & Combat

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1Character Personality & Combat Empty Character Personality & Combat on Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:59 pm

Character Personality & Combat

Hey everyone, what I'd like to discuss is the difference between a T1 Match character personality, and a character personality within role-play story. I often see a vast amount of Role-Players taking battles to seriously, which is fine, but you need to understand how to promote your character's development when he/she is associated with a story based roleplay.

Regular T1 Characters

In my terms, a regular T1 Character is someone who only fights for the purpose of challenging their fighting skills against another, and nothing else. These kind of characters do not need a deep background, we don't need to know what their personality is like, where they got their clothes, or weapons from. In other words, these character's shouldn't post fluff in their post entrances. As the battle progresses, both combatants will be fixated on destroying each other, they can use nature, or an opponent's gear to a winning advantage. Ultimately, story wise, battles like these have no depth, they don't even need emotions, none of that matters. Your only objective is to win your match, and hopefully gain useful knowledge for spars or death matches in the future.

Character Based Battles

Character based battles have more depth to them, many of them you can stage, everything required in a regular T1 character's post is the exact opposite, well some what, but common sense should allow you to string things together. Character battles you can take your enemy's deepest fears and use it against them, emotions can be expressed based off plots, your battles have more elements. What a regular T1 character should know is that it's important to incorporate all of these aspects into character based battles and realize everything isn't about winning, add to the story of someone else, or yourself, your in a story to watch your characters grow, or regress as people. 

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