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[Entrance Practice #2] Kou Hagaki

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1[Entrance Practice #2] Kou Hagaki Empty [Entrance Practice #2] Kou Hagaki on Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:06 am

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[Entrance Practice #2] Kou Hagaki QLDu0qr
The bitter night dropped to forty-five degrees, anyone who was not wearing a coat in the weather could feel a gnawing sensation on the base of their skin. To make matters worse for  the improperly dressed, the algid glacial air that  was 8 km/h was hauled by a stream of wind like a truck.  Though the chilly streams traveled in and out of Arjuna City, they were still met by the resistance of its skyscrapers, and smaller buildings. A large array of integrating lights shrouded the presence of a wary sixteen year old boy; he stood 5'8, and weighed 157lbs.  Kou Hagaki was your typical socially awkward kid who was an out-cast from his peers. On top of that he was an ill young man, in contrast to the males his age, Kou was unnaturally  physically feeble. Due to the curse he was born with, Kou could never hope of being  an athlete like he desired as a child, his somatic illness wasn't a secret either. Because of his life misfortune, most kids made fun of his drawings in elementary school, while others couldn't comprehend it. The drawings were always created around powerful, charming, and charismatic athletes he aspired to be like. With the added years of verbal abuse from others, Kou taught himself to be mute, he did this to avoid attention as best he could so he didn't get picked on. Based on the cons of his personality shift, there were favorable cons that came from it; he was usually rational to the point he seemed emotionally detached at times, this also taught him to never have high expectations in anyone, or in anything. He was more emotively static than teens his age.

There was an abundance of intricacies tied to Kou Hagaki's personality, but it did not hold him back from chatting with specific types of people despite  being socially solitary. The cowardly boy was dressed down in expensive threads that were luxurious to his peers, if it was one thing he kept in common with the people he thought of as idiots, it was fashion taste. Kou wore a light rain jacket, its primary hue was ivory, while the secondary color was ultramarine, he kept the hood of his medium sized jacket lifted on his head to keep his ears warm. The torso section of the jacket was kept unzipped, which exposed his buttoned up, midnight blue dress shirt; kept underneath the collar of the shirt was a striped tie that hung in front of his golden pants zipper. The first texture of the tie was Spanish blue, while the second was periwinkle. Besides his stylish button-up, there were a few more things that made his Vajrapani jacket (jacket's brand) winsome; attached to the bottom of the hood was a large flap that was located towards the front of it, on the right side of Kou's hood was a strap he could use. This was to fasten the hood closer to keep his face warmer in case wind speeds increased. Positioned on the back of Kou's hood were two ear shaped structures that mimicked a long eared bunny from a manga Kou found epic. Between the fabric of the rain jacket was heat insulators that obviously were meant to spread warmth through his jacket. The second function of the twenty-five inch ears was that they could be telepathically manipulated. 

Despite the flamboyant  features of the jacket, it was only for show. With both arms folded, Kou patiently stood like a statue while waiting for the cross walk to open, the reflection of the street he stood across was reflected from his blue irises that encircled his black pupils. There was something unique about Kou's eyes, they were the only pieces of gold appended to his body. His visual prowess was jaw-dropping, the young boy had Telescopic vision; his sight could cover a distance of one-hundred meters, Kou's gift came with another remarkable perk as well.  Whenever death flashed before his eyes (being faced with a death, or wounding blow), he could slow the tempo of time through his eyes, and accurately respond to attacks. Once he went into that 'visual mode', it triggered a sixth sense which gave him the ability to have panoramic site that expanded to a four meter radius. With such a weak body, he had to time everything accordingly if he was to fight, because Kou's stamina wasn't anything special. Over-working himself lead to over-exhaustion, and dreadful coughing which steered to agonizing chest pains. An athletic prodigy caged in a useless body, god was a cruel entity to Kou. In the looks department, Kou Hagaki was an average  young man, under his eyes, and across his nose were freckles. The boy's skin was pale which made him look like a vampire, but due to the sickness Kou was dealt with, it altered the hue of skin tone. Even with his eyes being the most riveting facial feature, sometimes he looked like he was about to drop and fade into the realm of nothingness. 

In order to avoid some eye-contact others, Kou grew his hair out which made it shaggy, it was also navy blue, and his bangs were long enough to hinder his vision. To avoid it, he fixed his bangs to partially cover the left eye; but in all, Kou's hair was still short, nothing long enough for someone to take a grasping advantage of. Even though Kou Hagaki had a mother, father, and brother, he felt alone, he was becoming a glacier; because of this, Kou was profoundly in-tuned with himself, and the emotions around him. Most called this simple innate talent intuition, it went a long way because Kou didn't have to see with his eyes all the time, he could feel the presences of blood-lustbenevolence, and terror with ease. Such a basic skill gave him extended reaction time to support his weak frame. The technique only presented its self based on emotions, if an enemy could mask his sentiments then Kou's intuition in combat was faint. The sensory skills only ranged too a five foot radius, but in the pit of real danger, the basic sensory would be automatically canceled and replaced by his panoramic eye ability.  The pessimistic boy quickly slid his hands in his warm pockets due to the streams of wind slightly increasing, the liberty blue dress pants Kou wore were dapper. They marvelously blended with his russet dress shoes, simply put, Kou Hagaki was the definition of immaculate on that chilly night.  

There were days when Kou questioned if Gautama Buddha was benevolent as text made him to be, the reason for this questioning was from his fragile body. He was given eye capabilities that many could not normally obtain, but the fact he had another ability which was mantra made the boy feel like there was an external entity laughing at existence. Why give him an ability that was meant to flow like a serene stream of water through his body, to make up for his lack of physical weakness, he used a sling shot. Kou housed a pocket of five-hundred silver balls which were kept in capsules that held fifty at once. His mantra performed two functions for the balls, the first was he could increase the speed-magnitudes, even the acceleration was abnormally enhanced. The second function was that he could use his mantra which was invisible to the eyes of all opponents, it had no color, it was only transparent, and because of this, he blanketed his aura over most balls he shot which made it difficult to see. To make matters worse for the opponent, Kou could manipulate the ball as soon as it entered a range of three feet from its target for ten seconds.

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