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Destiny Warriors Information

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Character Templates

This is the RPG'S character creation thread, listed below you can find the biography template to copy. This topic will also cover the minor mechanics of Destiny Warriors. Finally, the role-play was obviously created for enjoyment, but it was also established for character creation practice, and combat development.

➣Role-Play Category, and expatiation

  • Powered Characters / Fantasy
  • Character Development
  • Combat Development
  • Complex Personality 

Character Template:


[size=16][b][font=Arial Black]-General Information-[/font][/b][/size]

[B][font=Courier New]Character Name:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Alias:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Gender:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Age:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Warrior Class:[/font][/B]

[size=16][b][font=Arial Black]-Appearance-[/font][/b][/size]

[B][font=Courier New]Eye Color:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Weight:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Height:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Body Build Type:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Skin Tone:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Notable Features:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Hair Color:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Hair Style:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Gear:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Character Health:[/font][/B]
[list][*][b]Reason:[/b] [i]If your character has good health, you don't need to fill this out)[/i]

[size=16][b][font=Arial Black]-Background and Personality-[/font][/b][/size]

[B][font=Courier New]Background:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Personality:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Greatest Fear:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Quirks:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Motivation(s):[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Flaws:[/font][/B]

[size=16][b][font=Arial Black]-Personal Skills-[/font][/b][/size]
Note: These skills should not reflect anything combat based

[size=16][b][font=Arial Black]-Storage-[/font][/b][/size]

[B][font=Courier New]Total Experience Points:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Total Gold:[/font][/B]
[B][font=Courier New]Acquired Techniques:[/font][/B]

Destiny Warrior Mechanics

The role-play's mechanics will be displayed through tiers. You have to develop your character's basic attributes which is magic, strength, speed, and defense. There are only three character classes you can choose from as well, Archery, Warrior, and Mage; I will get into their descriptions later. Whatever class you choose will have a natural affinity, meaning you'll have a special attribute that naturally sets you all apart from your team. Finally, you can expect to see your enemies tiers as well, the tiers you face can be mentally breaking in some battles, while others won't. Finally, only one person can choose to be one of the three classes, first come, first served. 


  • Peak-Human - Cost: 0 XP
  • Enhanced - Cost: 5 XP
  • Super-Natural - Cost: 10 XP
  • Monster- Cost: 30 XP
  • Golem- Cost: 50 XP
  • Demon- Cost: 90 XP
  • Demon General- Cost: 100 XP
  • Absolute- Cost: 130 XP


  • Peak-Human- Cost: 0 XP
  • Enhanced- Cost: 5 XP
  • Super-Natural- Cost: 50 XP
  • Chaos- Cost: 70 XP
  • Sonic- Cost: 90 XP
  • Flash- Cost: 100 XP
  • Impossible- Cost: 130 XP


  • Peak-Human- Cost: 0 XP
  • Enhanced- Cost: 10 XP
  • Super-Natural- Cost: 50 XP
  • Iron-Wall- Cost: 60 XP
  • Colossal - Cost: 80 XP
  • Devil's Fire Wall - Cost: 120 XP
  • Michael's Defense - Cost: 140 XP
  • God's Defense - Cost: 170 XP

[Magic] (Only accessible by the role-play's mage)

  • White Mage- Cost: 0 XP
  • Brown Mage- Cost: 5 XP
  • Black Mage- Cost: 30 XP
  • Crimson Mage- Cost: 50 XP
  • Azure Mage- Cost: 70 XP
  • Purple Mage- Cost: 90 XP
  • Warlock- Cost: 120 XP
  • The King- Cost: 150 XP

If the enemy's tier is higher than yours, it obviously means they are stronger. For defense and strength, if the opponent's strength is higher than your defense, they can take your defense down by one hit. Once defense is gone, you'll die, or you'll be knocked out. If your defense and strength match, it will take two hits total to drop your enemy's defense. 

Earning EXP

Earning experience for your character is done through intermissions, intermissions begin once the objectives for the current adventure has been successfully completed. The game master will give every participate a prize pool that will be a give-away of experience points, weapons, and armor. You can spend EXP in the Experience Give-Away Thread. For every mission completion, you will earn 3 EXP, if you want bonus EXP your word counts must exceed 500 words, if you pass 620 words, you will earn 9 EXP for your efforts. Saving comrades from death blows will earn you 10 EXP, taking attacks for them will earn you 12 EXP

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