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The Noob on the moon

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-General Information-

The Noob on the moon 4ab761e031145aaff352efdf6ae3fb08Name: Ichigi Fudo
Alias/Epithet: Sushi Boy |  Ecchi Kid
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist |  Scientist
Affiliation: Free Agent
Tier: Tier 1

-Appearance & Personality-
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General Appearance: Ichigi Fudo attire consist of head wraps around the crown with a necklace around the neck. Below the neck, is a Pancho that covers the entire torso area and nether region of the body. Movement is highly concealed, making it extremely hard for one to telegraph his body language. Underneath Ichigi wears a light soft navy blue texture shirt that is made from a thick cotton base. The cotton absorbs the natural heat produce from the body, allowing the body to keep a nice temperature during harsh conditions. Having a loose fabric composed for pants his legs are steady being warmed by the fur that laced along the lining of the pants. Center of the knee area, his pants hold a small zipper that can be unzipped to remove length of the pants. Instead of wearing shoes he wears bandages wrapped in thick layers on his feet. Between the lower layers is a wooden frame that acts like the base of the shoes. Strap to the back of his vessel is a sword that his well hidden by the cloth of his Pancho. The sword is a short sword "Tanto" that has a dragon emblem on the hilt while flames travel up the base of the sword.  
Height: 5'6
Weight: 143lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/a


Ichigi Fudo is a calm collected child, being relaxed in personality and his physic. Ichigi is full aware of the dangers the outside world holds, however being so calm has turned his attention else where. Meaning that he does not care for those who seem dangerous nor a treat to his well-being. Ichigi often picks his nose while looking in various direction. Not pay attention to those who speak towards him, instead ignoring them. Ichigi is seen as a rude character at first, but over time one can judge him to be a child of few words. Due to his body language hidden much like his voice, many have fail to figure out Ichigi Fudo. He finds joy in eating seafood along with hot curry. Not being fond of mild food, but more on the hot side of things. Ecchi Boy, the nickname is driven from his teenager lust for the female counterpart and his childishness to grope one's vessel. His first nickname which is in fact "Sushi Boy" is refereed to his love for seafood, but more on the lines of him eating Sushi all the time.   


  • Eating/Food
  • Swords
  • Adventure         
  • Martial-Arts/Kenjutsu
  • Groping
  • Woman


  • Pirates
  • Destruction
  • Tall woman
  • His own father
  • His last name

History: Ichigi Fudo, a mute child who was raised by single-mother on Karate Island, located in the South Blue. His mother never spoke about his father, even in his absence. Somehow Ichigi felt like he always knew his father for some strange reason, the faint memories of his child hood beside his mother was a man with a scar cross his face; reaching from one side to another. The man's crown was covered in ocean blue locks, while his eyes crimson red like blood. He often sat upon a hill, looking over Ichigi home. At first Ichigi assumed this was some pervert watching his mother from afar, Ichigi tired many times to stop this unknown man. Each time failed with a hard scolding, but ended with a laugh of joy and wonders. Dating back to those days, Ichigi returned to that hill every evening. Sitting on the hill watching the sunset with that weird blue haired man. The man never spoke his name, nor the reasons for sitting upon this hill. Nor did Ichigi mother stop him from seeing this mysterious man. However one day, the man didn't return. The same day Ichigi first saw his mother in tears of sadness. Somewhere in the depths of his heart he knew that man was the reason. Searching Karate Island long and hard, he came to a old man named "Old man Fudo" in fact this happened to be his grandfather. After pleading to know the unknown man's whereabouts his Grandfather finally spilled the beans. A race against time itself was in set. The first time a boy's heart had experienced hatred and sadness all at the same time. When he came to the docks, that blue hair man surrounded by countless man bearing the same tattoo on the forearm. Same tattoo the blue haired man had on his forearm. All he did was walk up to Ichigi, laid a hand on his head and said "Protect your mother." A laugh escaped his mouth while he laid a sword in his hand and walked away. In tears of hate Ichigi screamed in till his voice horsed. Shouting at the man he'd had discovered was his father. From that day forth Ichigi has held a strong dislike towards pirates and his own father.
Face Claim: (Aladdin|Magi)

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