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1 Fun Posts on Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:41 am

"Why are you here..." The voice echoed. Lucius only saw darkness before him, he took three difficult steps that were soundless and stopped; he felt paralyzed even though his body was capable of moving forward. His heart was punching through his chest, he heard the empty, ringing voice sweep into his ears again. "Are you coming for me?" "Turn back." The words overlapped each other. "W-what do you want?" He yelled, but the empty abyss gave no answer. He was covered in beads of sweat followed by heavy breathing; he  tread forward only to hit a wall, straight away, Lucius turned around while screaming, but another wall denied his exit. "Save everything, be the light." The final words were cryptic just as everything else was. Lucius fell into nothingness, but soon enough he was caught by a pool of angelic light filled with white feathers.

With orbs fresh as the morning sea, Lucius sat on a boulder and wiped the crust from his eyes, he watched the hill sides covered by sage green grass, the patches of dirt were occupied by ant colonies; he immediately shook his hands, and scratched his arms looking at them. Lucius yawned and stretched, he wasted no time to leap from the boulder and to his feet. 'My legs feel like jello, how long I was asleep?' He thought to himself, but then he remembered the bone chilling nightmare. "I wonder...what that was" He said to himself, but the thoughts of mystery, along with feelings so heavy that, Atlas himself could not carry were dusted away by a few voices coming from the the coast on the open land of Calentar. "Hey Luci, ya comin'!?" Yelled Payaso, "Finally, our gracious king has awoken." Lux chuckled while taking a bow. Sominon had his arms folded, he didn't turn around, he only looked to the side and from the corner of his eye, he smirked. "The sea of Ignis looks great, Lucius." Lucius's lips, spirit, and eyes smiled at once, He ran to his friends with rich laughter in his voice; for a moment the dream became extinct. He took his place by his buddies in the spring weather, and watched the Alice blue sea with them. Lucius inhaled the smells of the sea, and released the trapped air. "Ah, it's great to be alive!" 

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2 Re: Fun Posts on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:14 am

Floga's tongue was cooked by the hot meal, but his face stayed the same as he ate; he listened to the confused, Ace question everything. 'I wonder why the species of Hydraxia stereotypes us, it must be their books.' Floga thought to himself while ignoring most of what Ace was saying. "Yes, as of today you are to save the world." Floga ignored everything that had to do with drinking, and being drunk, Floga stayed quiet when Ace said something about Pallas having helpers. He got out of his chair, grabbing his hat and sitting it back on his head, Floga went to his bag of materials and set a map of Hydraxia on the table. "I have to go back to, Athena for now, but if you continue your journey you will learn more about yourself, and what the burning vessel actually is. The beginning of your adventure starts on this island,

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