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[Helium] The beginning of an epic journey

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Chapter One

[Helium] The beginning of an epic journey JRmWN7H
The province of Helium, along with the world of Lithium has been at peace for more than fifteen years, but that is slowly coming to an end now. Something ominous has presented its self once again in the realm of Xenon; The gate that was opened from a certain someone dwells in a realm that is above Xenon, only Xenon's inhabitants know where the gate to Radium is located.

If this gate isn't sealed shut, carnage will continue to scramble out, and the people of the world will meet demise. To stop this specific evil once and for all, the king of Helium has rounded up the land's most skilled warriors. The best archer, warrior and mage; whoever our hero's are, they are to meet with King Helium first before embarking on their epic journey of fame and glory.


  • Meet with the other two warriors outside of King Helium's castle after saying your good bye's to friends and family.
  • Enter the castle once given permission by guards and discuss the journey with king helium to get intelligence for your first travel. 

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[Helium] The beginning of an epic journey HfnfJY6

In the fifteen years of peace, Helium held many adventures life style and people. Each coexisting in harmony without interference of trouble and or life threatening illness. Helium also had a very particular classing of warriors and by this I mean of all types.  Each minding there own, not working with one another until the wake of a calling of something ominous that presented its self once again in the realm of Xenon; The gate that was opened by the unknown fool dwells in a realm that is above Xenon, only Xenon's inhabitants know where the gate to Radium is located. With the kings request and a foretold prize, a few brave and reckless warriors accepted the task at hand with the risk of there lives. One of those was Theo; A mage with a sarcastic approach towards life or a very limited conversation maker, each shifting from annoyance and or obedience. Even though he was odd in a way, Theo was one of the most strongest ruin user of his magi style and his appearance alone is comforting, seeming to be a great warrior.

He lived alone but had me friends, thus he made by amusing the lower class and the middle while also interesting a few richer class with help. The only enemy that could dislike him were the royal guards for constantly stealing the spot light in glory and or mocking them by using there own words against them to get access around area's that shouldn't be given access while causing the guards to be blamed as he walked free. The 3 guards that met him at his door as he was leaving off to another usual day, grinding there teeth shut as they forcefully fighting the fact that they needed his help then letting there pride flow with there words by roughly slamming the request scroll to his chest. Theo's body shifted back with a smirk, glaring at them.

"How's the wife?"

He replied as the guard cursed his name with a growing roar while catching the walking towns people attention.

"I know I'm hated sire, but you musn't treat me this way. I'm sorry for my troubles if I had cause'em, I-I really am."

Theo replied once more while dropping to his knees and cleaning the guards shoe with his coat.

"You leave that boy alone" One mother replied.

"Have you no sense of pride you pig!" A man shouted.

"What has he done?" An old lady question publicly while the guards step backed being suffocated with questions they couldn't answer. A young maiden assisted Theo up, Blonde and beauty nurtured her image as Theo glazed her in his sight.

"Why thank you, it's nothing, I can handle it." She smiled brightly, assisting him further and walking him off. As she did, Theo tilted his head back at the guards with a innocent child gaze that made them feel awful by sight yet they looked down near his waist where his hands wrapped around the maidens waist and the other hand flicking them off with out the towns people catch. A small smile merged yet to small to tell with out using his full facial expression, seeming more like a sinister stare.

"Hmpth" Theo scoffed then the median asked what was wrong. he replied.

"Oh nothing, they simply pointed a blade at me is all. .the wonders of threat." She frowned then tightened her grip around him while walking him near the castle.

"Are you going towards the quest? To stop the carnage that flows from the roots of those bastardy realms? Excuse my words but they do anger me so." She spoke. Theo eyed her for a second with a half smile while raising his brow in questions.

"Uh-huh? Well yeah." He mustered a reply. She smiled before leaving him near the castle and waving him her departure

"Return safe" She shouted then blended in the randomness of the crowds.

"Huh. . .nothing weird so far, what's next?" he questioned himself while standing near the castle in the distance afar from the guards that haven't yet spotted him.

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